Getting Started with Web
Test the iSpeech Web API with a URLexit
The iSpeech API uses HTTP GET or POST. For detailed information please read the full iSpeech API documentation. It contains examples for text-to-speech and speech recognition.
Test the iSpeech Web API with a URLexit
SDK Downloads
Test the iSpeech Web API with a URLexit
Example 1: Click the iSpeech Web Demo URL
Click here to generate and download a MP3 text-to-speech conversion.

Right click and copy the link address. Paste the link into your address bar and study the URL format and options. You can edit the URL options to change the MP3 result. Remember to change the "apikey" field to your API key.
Test the iSpeech Web API a web form.exit
Example 2: Test the iSpeech API in a Web Form
API Key: (Paste your web API key here)

Note: The iSpeech Web API GET request uses the HTTP standard so it can be used with AJAX, cURL, etc.
Test the iSpeech Web API with Flashexit
Example 3: Run the iSpeech Web API with Flash
Click the play button to test the demo:

For the conversion to work properly, you must URL encode the part of the URL following "rest?apikey".

URL Encoding Example:
 <Param name="flashvars" value="mp3=,%2Bthis%2Bis%2Ba%2Btest%2Bmessage">
Error code definitions can be found on bottom of the iSpeech Web API Documentation page.