Educators - Use Text to Speech for Learning

It's no wonder that iSpeech began as a startup to help college students listen to course material.  iSpeech is designed with learning in mind.  The powerful software takes the guesswork out of text to speech by enabling any digital course content to talk aloud right from a Web browser.

Auditory learners make up a large percentage of the population.  It's time we give auditory learners an equal opportunity to learn.

Today, there is more information than ever before.  The material that must be absorbed by students is growing exponentially.  Not only will iSpeech help your students achieve more, iSpeech will help your students save time and enjoy their youth.
iSpeech is helpful to ESL students, university students, law students, medical students, high school students, primary and secondary school students. iSpeech is also a wonderful tool for auditory learners.  Students demonstrate an instant connection with iSpeech. Online Text to speech can help students express themselves when speaking may not come naturally or may not be possible.

The iSpeech team works with educational institutions of all sizes to provide text to speech services that help students.