iSpeech Makes Text Talk

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eLearning with Text to Speech and Speech Recognition

For Educational Mobile Apps:
  • Speak words or sentences in 27 text to speech languages
  • Avoid costly voice talent by creating instant audio (TTS)
  • Human sounding text to speech voices are fast and cost-effective
  • Help students learn correct pronunciation by speaking (using speech recognition)
  • Word and sentence confidence scores easily ranks speaking skills
  • Highlight words as they are spoken in real-time
  • Incorporate Siri-like voice interactions with mobile apps
For Educators/Schools:
  • Siri for eLearning -- A virtual teacher that can educate through spoken conversation
  • Create audio for eLearning presentations in seconds
  • Provide audio versions of all course materials
  • Enable auditory learners to listen while reading
  • Put all students and learners on an equal playing field
  • Break down language barriers with text to speech, speech recognition and natural language understanding (NLU)

Auditory learners and multi-sensory learners make up a large percentage of the population. Now it's easy to provide an auditory experience for all text content.

iSpeech began as a way to help college students absorb course content quicker and easier by converting their text materials into human sounding speech. To date, millions of users across many platforms have used iSpeech to quickly absorb information. iSpeech removes using recording studios and voice talents to create spoken text, now recordings can be automated.