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Speech Recognition
Powered by iSpeech
Speech Recognition
Powered by iSpeech

Speech Recognition by iSpeech

Whoever thought that at some point in time you could simply talk to your phone, not necessarily on your phone, and get things accomplished? The speech recognition technology that is available and that has just been introduced has brought a whole new meaning to the word smart phone! Many of these technologies can dial your favorite friend, get directions and talk to you about it, draft a text or email message and call up your favorite music, all with just a few simple commands.

Our Speech Recognition

By using iSpeech's speech recognition, you now have the opportunity to add the benefits of speech recognition to your applications and technology. Highly precise and able to reconize free-form dictation with proper grammar. Our speech recognition also supports many languages allowing for many different applications.

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speech recognition sdk Automatic speech recognition (ASR) opens many opportunies in application development. It allows you to create applications that can safely be operated while driving or while one simply has their hands occupied. In 2010 alone, iSpeech Cloud powered over half a billion text to speech conversions and speech recognition queries for our developer partners. Like with bacon, everything is better with speech recognition.

Improve your ideas now by adding speech recognition!

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