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Type by Talking
iSpeech Dication

iSpeech Dictation

Speak any message and iSpeech Dictation™ will put it into text format. Dictate using BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), text (SMS), email, or voice notes into text and send.

The app's human-quality speech recognition is brought to you by iSpeech®, the creator of®, award-winning leader in texting while driving applications. Learn more at

Speak any phrase or message and iSpeech Dictation™ will translate it into text. Talk and type.

-Translate any message into text by speaking it
-After speaking the message, the text will appear in the text box
-Use to send BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), SMS, emails, voice notes

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Hands-Free Messaging
Talk and iSpeech Dictation™ will type the message into the text box
Typing on the Go
No more looking at the keypad to write a message
Take Notes
Use to create voice notes
Easy to Use
2 button presses to write in any text field

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