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Create TTS Audio

Use human quality Text to Speech Synthesis to make audio versions of text content Try it Free »

TTS IVR Prompts

Quickly create text to speech IVR (interactive voice response) phone prompts in most major languages

Make Sample Prompts Free »

Free Mobile SDK

Add speech to mobile apps with our text to speech (TTS) and automated speech recognition (ASR) SDKs

Speech Solutions

iSpeech provides embedded and cloud solutions for text to speech (TTS) and speech recognition (ASR) for any connected device or application


iSpeech API enables natural text to speech (TTS) and voice recognition (ASR) for most languages App

Stop texting while driving with by iSpeech - Speaks TXT (SMS) and email and lets you dictate

DevelopersGet SpeechFree developer account »

speech recognition

iSpeech for developers

iSpeech offers mobile developers a free way to integrate speech into their applications. The iSpeech cloud combines powerful text to speech (TTS) and automated speech recognition (ASR) technologies with easy to use APIs and SDKs. With 100% uptime in 2010, while serving over one half-billion audio files, iSpeech is the go-to solution for quality and stability.

Make Your App Human

Now you can make your app human by partnering with iSpeech. Developers can take advantage of iSpeech’s free text to speech (TTS) SDKs on most major mobile platforms. Human quality TTS is available for iPhone and BlackBerry with Android, Windows Phone 7 and other platform support coming soon. iSpeech SDKs are simple to use, fast and reliable. In 2010 alone, iSpeech Cloud powered over half a billion text to speech conversions and speech recognition utterances for our developer partners.

Text to Speech Cloud

Our huge database of TTS languages keeps getting bigger and better. Our extensive hardware resources and countless hours of development enable us to continuously improve our text to speech. Try our text to speech API or SDKs that best fit your text to speech needs.

Speech Recognition Cloud

Incredibly accurate and platform agnostic, iSpeech recognition is able to recognize free-form dictation and defined grammar in most major languages.  Enable voice search, voice user interface (VUI), voice control, voice commands, dictation of voice notes, messages, SMS, email and more.

iSpeech APIs and SDKs

When you need to get your software deployed quickly, you need an API that’s easy to integrate. Our direct APIs (text to speech API and speech recognition API), allow you to put the power of the iSpeech Cloud in any application or environment with ease.

First Class Support

Every member of our in-house support team all have real development experience and are happy to help with your integration.  If you need a hand, let us know and we’ll get you back on track.

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iSpeechMobile AppsGet our apps »

obama tts App by iSpeech

Over 10 million people have listened to or sent text (SMS) messages and emails with The award-winning app works in real-time and completely hands-free. Powered by the iSpeech text to speech (TTS) and automated speech recognition (ASR) cloud, over half a billion messages have been read to date.

Caller ID Reader by iSpeech

Caller ID Reader speaks incoming Caller ID aloud (either phone number or address book name of the contact). iSpeech Caller ID Reader lets you hear who is calling without having to look at your phone. Caller ID Reader may work with ringtone on some model devices and can completely replace the ringer on others. The app is available free on BlackBerry and Android devices with additional platforms on the way.

iSpeech Translator

Speak and translate any words or phrases including email or text in multiple languages with iSpeech Translator™. The app's human-quality text to speech and speech recognition are brought to you by iSpeech®, the creator of®, award-winning leader in texting while driving applications. Speak or type any phrase and listen to the corresponding translation in your choice of language.

TXT U L8r App (featured)

Car and Driver Magazine’s TXT U L8r application helps keep people from texting while driving on Android and BlackBerry devices by reading TXT (SMS) messages aloud to drivers. Speech-enabled by iSpeech’s text to speech and speech recognition cloud, TXT U L8r is a free application that works automatically and is completely hands-free. Users who wish to create voice responses to incoming messages, TXT U L8r can upgrade to Pro which is compatible.

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TalkingEverythingFree personal account »

text to speech tts

eLearning Text to Speech

eLearning courses and materials come to life when powered by natural, human sounding text to speech technology. There is no better way to instantly create spoken audio content for eLearning materials. Auditory and multi-sensory learners will have improved retention of course content if it is speech-enabled. It is also possible to use iSpeech voice recognition within your courses to allow students to interact by speaking. Please contact us for more information.

Text to Speech (TTS) API

Our powerful API lets you write just a few lines of code and speech-enable your application with human quality text to speech. You can bring the power of the iSpeech cloud’s human voices directly to your application without the hassle or size associated with embedding lower-quality TTS voices.

Speech Recognition (ASR) API

Developers can take advantage of iSpeech’s free text to speech (TTS) SDKs for major mobile platforms. Human quality TTS is available for iPhone and BlackBerry with more platforms coming soon. iSpeech SDKs are tested for rock-solid results with iSpeech Cloud.

Text to Speech Online

You can use iSpeech to convert text to speech, convert documents to speech, convert web content to speech, or convert blogs to speech. For personal use, iSpeech’s simple online text to speech software tool supports over 20 languages. With a basic account, it is free to create TTS recordings up to 1 minute in length, and users can create and share as many as they wish. iSpeech also offers upgraded accounts that can create unlimited text to speech readings of up to 12 hours in length (iSpeech Premium Account) and up to 30 minutes in length (iSpeech Plus Account).

Podcast your Blog

Make your blog talk with iSpeech text to speech, there is absolutely no cost. Using iSpeech’s text to speech blog widget is easy and free. If you’re blog meets our ranking criteria, we will even give you our premium TTS voices free of charge. Using audio on your blog will improve reader retention and get more ad clicks. We can also submit your blog to our podcast directories to increase your exposure and expand your reader-base. Visitors will appreciate the option to listen to your blog.

Custom Voices

iSpeech can develop custom text to speech voices for your business including ones based on celebrity personalities. In addition to custom voice talent, iSpeech can also customize pronunciation of words and phrases to suit your needs.

Perfect Pronunciation

While the standard iSpeech pronunciation is very accurate, you may wish to change the pronunciation of certain words or groups of words. iSpeech enables commercial customers to edit or tweak pronunciation down to phonemes or even at the diphone level if necessary.

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