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iSpeech - Instant Voice Talent

iSpeech Instant Voice Recording is a voice talent that records anything for you in seconds. No more waiting for expensive voice talent to record 30 seconds of audio in a studio. With iSpeech Instant Voice Recording, you can create your own audio recording in less than 1 minute.

Hiring a professional voice talent to record in a studio could cost hundreds of dollars per hour. iSpeech will cost only a fraction of that for the same hour. That means that you'll be saving hundreds or even thousands off the cost of voice talents.

Do you need frequent audio recordings? If you sign up for 1 hour a month, you will get the amazing price!

Check out your options, and when you decide that you've had enough spending thousands on voice talents, try us today or give us a call.

Here's how to make an Instant Voice Recording:

First, decide which script you would like to record and proofread the script.

Next, make sure that the script is formatted with commas for pausing and no extra spaces or line breaks.

Next, copy and paste the script into the "Enter Text" field on the iSpeech Commercial website.

Then select the desired voice, speed, other options and click convert.

Now you can download your new audio.

Hint: if you would like to edit a pronunciation, spell phonetically. In other words, if you would like to say "Read" you may mean "Reed" or "Red". Homonyms can be a little tricky. Make sure you clear up your pronunciation using the free voice before you use your word credits.

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