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Text to Speech is becoming more and more wide spread in applications, mobile or not. This technology allows interaction of the application with the user on a much more personal level. It allows users to receive information without having to take their eyes off whatever they are doing. Text to speech has many different applications in many different types of software, so text to speech enable your app today with iSpeech!

Enter any text in our demo and convince yourself of the quality that iSpeech text to speech has to offer. Our voices are very human-sounding and will greatly enhance any application you might want to use them in.

Text to Speech uses:

You can use iSpeech to convert text to speech, convert documents to speech, convert web content to speech, or convert blogs to speech. For personal use, iSpeech's simple online text to speech software tool supports over 20 languages. Developers can take advantage of iSpeech's free text to speech (TTS) SDKs for major mobile platforms. Human quality TTS is available for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. iSpeech SDKs are tested for rock-solid results with our iSpeech Cloud.

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text to speech api Text to speech (TTS) opens many opportunities in application development. It allows you to create applications that can safely be operated while driving or while one simply has their eyes occupied. iSpeech text to speech allows you to Read with your Ears™ while commuting, giving students more time to study. Text to Speech can be a very powerful tool for auditory learning, and allows students with that preference to level the playing field in the class room.

Improve your ideas and products now by adding text to speech!

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