Control your home with your voice
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Television: Record ESPN for an Hour
Ventilation: Turn on Central Air
Home Entertainment: Turn on the Stereo
Irrigation: Water the Front Lawn
Lighting: Turn off the Lights in the Living Room
Security: Turn on the Security Alarm
Heating: Set the Temperature in the House to 70
Washer/Dryer: Wash the Clothes as Delicates
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iSpeech Home is a unique voice solution for the connected home. iSpeech Home will allow consumers to easily control their televisions, home entertainment systems, lighting, heating, ventilation, irrigation, security systems, refrigerators, washers and dryers and other household appliances through simple voice and natural language commands. Leveraging iSpeech's cloud, embedded and hybrid human quality text to speech and speech recognition technology, iSpeech Home eliminates the challenge of complicated user interfaces typically associated with home automation.

The iSpeech Home platform has been specifically built on top of a hybrid embedded and server speech recognition architecture that allows for improved response times and availability of service when compared to a network-only solution. When combined with iSpeech's human quality text to speech, the platform allows applications to go beyond the current model of individual, stand-alone voice commands to capabilities like follow-up questions and more of an exploratory, conversational experience with information and content. iSpeech currently supports 26 languages.