iSpeech Android Demo Instructions
For more information visit:

Step 1: Download the

Step 2: Import the iSpeech-SDK-Android-Demo-1.3.9 Project into Eclipse
In Eclipse, on the File menu: Click File > Import... > General > Existing Projects into Workspace > Android Project

Click Next, then check the "Select archive file" option and click on "Browse..." to find the zip file.

Click Finish to import the iSpeechAndroidDemo Project.
Step 3: Import the android support library.
Open Android SDK Manager and download the support library

Drag and drop \extras\android\support\v4\android-support-v4.jar to the libs folder in your project view. Select copy in the box that pops up.

Step 4: Set the API Key for demo project.
Double click on the AndroidManifest.xml file. Modify the value of "apikey" metadata to the iSpeech API Key you obtained from

Step 5: Run the demo.
In Eclipse, Click Run > Run As > Android Application

Select a preferred Android Device. Then click OK.

Last Updated June 5, 2013. iSpeech, Inc.