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Get a text to speech (TTS) audio feed for your text - iSpeech Web Reader speaks your website's text aloud using iSpeech's human quality TTS voices. Make your website accessible - Just paste our embed code and your website will talk.

Please contact us for more information.

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Features and Benefits:

Instant Audio Accessibility for Most Languages
Compatible with All Devices and Browsers
No Setup for End-users
Cloud-base - No Installation
3 Reading Speeds*
Customize Player and Remove Branding*
Download Human-quality TTS Audio*

* Paid features - must contact sales

Don't like our branding on your site? You can easily supply your own images for the "Listen" and "Pause" buttons. Simply enter your image URLs below:

Listen Button URL: (68 x 23 px)


Pause Button URL: (68 x 23 px)


You can upgrade to remove audio ads and the small text ad under the listen button.

With Ad:
Without Ad:

The iSpeech Web Reader download feature allows your users to download the audio version of your content in MP3 format.

This lets your users listen to your content later whenever it's most convenient.

You can change the playback speed of audio. Select an option:

The iSpeech Web Reader highlighting feature allows your users to read along with any text displayed on the screen.

This makes it easier for anyone, even those without reading disabilities to follow along with the content provided.

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  • United States English Female (Free Voice)
  • US English Female
  • US English Male
  • UK English Female
  • UK English Male
  • AU English Female
  • US Spanish Female
  • US Spanish Male
  • Chinese Female
  • Chinese Male
  • Catonese Female
  • Taiwan Female
  • Catalan Female
  • Czech Female
  • Danish Female
  • Finnish Female
  • French Female
  • French Male
  • Norweigian Female
  • Dutch Female
  • Polish Female
  • Italian Female
  • Italian Male
  • Japanese Female
  • Japanese Male
  • Korean Female
  • Korean Male
  • CA English Female
  • Hungarian Female
  • BR Portuguese Female
  • EU Portuguese Female
  • EU Portuguese Male
  • Spain Spanish Female
  • Spain Spanish Male
  • Turkish Female
  • Turkish Male
  • Greek Female
  • German Female
  • German Male
  • Russian Female
  • Russian Male
  • Swedish Female
  • CA French Female
  • CA French Male
  • Arabic Male

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